We work for cause, Not for applause

Abhivadan is a cultural and educational development trust which works for social welfare. We work to help the underprivileged people in society with a primary focus on children’s welfare.

We are a group of dedicated and selfless people who are very determined to provide support for the needy. We work relentlessly to bring smiles to the faces of those children who have been deprived of all the happiness they deserve. 


Powerful inspiration to mankind

As an inspiration to many, we also get inspired by Swami Vivekananda and his way of serving humanity. As he said a nation can only progress when all its deprived people are uplifted and given a chance to live equally as others. Then and then only we will progress as a nation. We strongly believe in him and try to uplift as many people as possible, especially the children as they are the future of our society.​
Our Vision

Our vision is to build a society where our future generation will carry our traditional values and represent our unparalleled culture in the global arena. This is the belief of our admirable founder.

Our Mission

Provide sound education to every underprivileged irrespective of their race, religion, caste, creed or gender and prepare them to become responsible citizens of the country through the all-round physical, intellectual, academic, cultural, and spiritual development based programs.

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TEam work

Let's Meet The Team

Rahul Parmar


Anjali Parmar

Co Founder

Preeti Nandwani


OUR Brave Volunteers

Sitakant Mishra

Mayank Duggal

Ankit Vishvakarma

Tashu Malik

Ujjwal Dubey

Anant Ashish

Kiran Guha

Vivek Guha

Time laps

A Story To Our Journey

First Permanent center.

This year will always remain very special and important in Abhivadan's journey. In this year we bought land in Mubarakpur, Gurgaon, so that we can give shape to our dream project i.e. building a school where children will not only do academic studies absolutely free but can also learn values of life.

Reaching the unreached

2020 was very difficult for everyone and the whole world was under lockdown due to the covid 19 pandemic. We stood up when everyone was scared to help and people required the most. We reached out to that section of society that suffered most and provided our support to them by all means.

Added more wheels.

Since we didn't want to limit ourselves and always tried to increase our coverage & reach every day so that we can help and provide our services to maximum people, we decided to buy our first four-wheel vehicle (a Van) in 2019.

Collaborate with team members to rise

To fight against one of the biggest problems of our country i.e. child wasting, child stunting, undernourishment, and child mortality Abhivadan launched its second program "Dulaar"  to focus on children's physical and mental health. Under this program regular health checkups are conducted and also children are fed nutritious and healthy food.

A journey to serve humanity begins!

On 15 may 2017 Abhivadan started it's journey with an aim to help all the deprived and build a society where everyone will get equal opportunity to showcase their talent and live a quality.Meri Pathshala was the first initiative/step of our journey in which we started free education classes for all the underprivileged children by our society.


Let their feet take them, where their Heart want to go.