On 16 Sep 2017, Abhivadan, with Elevate Services (one of our corporate sponsor) had conducted a painting competition for children in three age categories: 4 to 6 ; 7 to 9 and 10+. . In painting competition children are supposed to draw a dream house for them and then can draw anything around it to looks it more beautiful and presentable.

In painting competition the idea was not to see how big houses they can built with their pencils but how creative they are. And how can we define the creativity flows in this competition. Although we had four announced winner for the competition but when you look at their creativity everyone was winner.

At the end of the competition, Elevate had provided “new school uniforms and school supplies” to children and event was finally concluded by distributing “Happy meals of McDonalds”  to children .

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”- Albert Einstein