On May 23rd, 2018 Abhivadan had completed its successful one year and celebrated this day with “Health for all”.

The Abhivadan Trust, organized a free medical/health check-up on one of its center in Sury Vihar, Sector -9, Gurugram for 1 day between 3.30pm-6.30pm with the help of Dr Meenakshi and Dr. Preeti Gulati. Rahul Parmar (Founder of Abhivadan) and Anjali Rao Parmar (Co-founder) personally welcomed them and introduced them to children.

The aim of the health camp was to administer Health Assessment, spread Health Awareness and provide Health Counselling.

The camp was organized for children of Abhivadan. These children came from a background where people are neither able to afford medical treatment nor having any basic knowledge regarding health and hygiene.

So, through this programs children are given various tips on health issues. Dr. Meenakshi provided a free dental check-up to all children and Dr. Preeti talk with them on basic health problems and sicknesses and gave them advices how to prevent them. The doctors examined and diagnosed every child individually and spend time with them. Children also shown their interest in program and responded to every question of doctors. Abhivadan team members and volunteers helped them to be comfortable with doctors and also to maintain decorum during the program

This program is focused towards addressing issues of personal health care, vaccination, hygiene, and illness prevention. Children are also spurred to boost up their daily nutrition intake. They are also given information on how to integrate and maintain hygiene in their lifestyle. 

Such programs are great benefits to many such children who could not reach to the nearest local hospitals.