(57) And that creates a — a contempt for the law, for the rule of law (284) What chance then are the judges who are now prohibiting Parliament from violating our constitutional principle as the house of the rule of law? (219) Such a level of hypocrisy cannot be tolerated; This is morally indefensible and contrary to the rule of law. (325) According to Indian journalist Harish Khare, the rule of law or the constitution risks being replaced by the regime of judges. (90) There is no rule of law when the court has the final say on everything (270) This is a serious breach of the writ of habeas corpus and a fundamental breach of due process guarantees. Justice and the rule of law. (491) But if corruption creeps in and people do not have the opportunity to enjoy this protection of the rule of law, then if you can use force, if you can use force with impunity, you can reach out and enslave the weak. (188) This is a battle for the heart and soul of the federal judiciary and, moreover, for the rule of law. (279) And the people I proposed were all people I carefully examined to ensure that they would respect the rule of law. (402) Michal Wawrykiewicz, a lawyer for the Free Courts Initiative and the Committee for the Defence of Justice, described this reversal as a failure of the ruling camp and a victory for the rule of law. (95) It is not the foundation of the rule of law, it is not the foundation of a free society. (132) It could create a landscape of rival warlords undermining the rule of law and civil society.

(271) The British insistence on the rule of law is not only correct in principle, but is also safer for our troops in practice. (358) At the time of writing, however, preachers have been instrumental in establishing the rule of law by preaching obedience to legally enacted laws. (260) A rule of law government can be described as a nomocracy from the Greek nomos (law) and kratos (power or rule). (108) When the rule of law is sound, it protects the poor and protects the weak. (80) Which public policy has been classified as undermining the rule of law? (50) Who uses a substantive or thin definition of the rule of law? (484) For centuries, the British legal system, with its adherence to the rule of law and the doctrine of separation of powers, has protected the rights of our citizens by entrusting their decision-making process to an independent judiciary. (352) The fact that they remain in prison for a crime they did not commit calls into question Myanmar`s commitment to democracy, freedom of expression and the rule of law. (375) On the contrary, non-integrated democracy, freedom, human rights and the rule of law can all cause turbulent phenomena or even violate the human rights of national peoples. (365) Bo Xilai has taken a three-pronged approach, dismantling blacks or tackling corruption and organised crime, which some call a violation of the rule of law. (171) Democracy is not about leading to a legitimate, effective and prosperous rule of law. (477) I believe in a relatively egalitarian society supported by institutions that limit extreme wealth and poverty. I believe in democracy, civil liberties and the rule of law. That makes me a Liberal, and I am proud of that.

(205) And like many other populist legal acts, it does not correspond to our ideal of justice – the rule of law. The citizens of the city insisted that the rule of law exists and that the mayor pays his taxes like everyone else. 🔊 (371) While concerned about Trump`s impact on democratic norms and the rule of law, Never Trumpers are particularly concerned about the fate of their party and movement. (323) The United Nations expects Cuba to do more to establish the rule of law and respect human rights and has invited Cuba to take further steps towards reconciliation. (343) Respect for the rule of law may sometimes require punishment of those who commit offences justified by natural law but not by law. (97) Doesn`t the rule of law consist in following the decisions of the highest court in the country? (22) Building a society based on the rule of law (54) Disey`s views on the rule of law also merit careful consideration. (135) Illegal immigration threatens our sovereignty, security and respect for the rule of law. (299) Canada is one of the few countries in the world that is shamelessly committed to upholding human rights and the rule of international law. (111) A set of prescriptive, predictable and binding rules is inextricably linked to the rule of law. (192) Which organisation meets to discuss and determine which countries are considered to be governed by the rule of law? (117) At the heart of the Freedom Constitution is therefore the concept of the rule of law.

(363) In legal theory, these two rule of law approaches are considered to be the two fundamental alternatives, each referred to as the formal approach and the substantive approach. (74) We have trained women`s rights, human rights, democracy, the rule of law. (119) Many reject democracy in the sense of party competition, majority rule and the rule of law. (43) In other words, Aristotle advocated the rule of law: (486) We all want a better future for Haiti, and I hope this conference will serve to explore many perspectives. Respect for human rights, freedom and the rule of law must be established in the poorest country in our hemisphere. (356) With respect to the rule of law and questions regarding allegations of Russian interference, he rebuked Trump for attacking Special Counsel Robert Mueller III and his investigation. (440) On the other hand, Trump is the embodiment of the double insurgency, an insurgent plutocrat with suggestive links to crime, taking full advantage of areas without the rule of law. (201) The rule of law requires operational courts to resolve disputes fairly, efficiently and accurately. (120) In the long term, economic development and the establishment of the rule of law are paramount. (154) The weak influence of the international rule of law on the world`s largest democracy is worrying. (252) The greatness of a nation lies in its loyalty to its constitution and in strict respect for the rule of law.

(313) The widespread belief in the strength of the rule of law in the United Kingdom certainly reflects our reputation as a vibrant multicultural democracy. (76) Should everyone respect our centuries-old civil liberties and the rule of law? 70) When will the rule of law become an agenda item of the General Assembly? (140) If Egypt is to succeed in establishing a society based on the rule of law, it could serve as a model. (478) And that is why – and this is where we are quite unique in the Netherlands – the Dutch Constitution stipulates that one of the main tasks of the armed forces is to uphold and promote the international rule of law. Kenyans are gullible in their flogging of some of us who defend the rule of law. They have forgotten that Fred Matiang`i, Gordon Kihalangwa and Joseph Boinnet violated Article 10 and Chapter 6, were convicted and fined.