Our survey of more than 29 banks, credit unions and online lenders offering student loans and student loan refinancing includes the top 10 lenders by market share and top 10 lenders by online search volume, as well as lenders serving specialized or non-traditional markets. Believe it or not, your co-signer`s age and health matter. Maybe not so much for the lender, but it should be something you consider. If you choose a co-signer who is in poor health or over the age of 65, you may have an unpleasant surprise later. If you`re considering taking out a private student loan for college, you`ll likely need a co-signer to get one. Very few students meet the qualifications to get a loan on their own, so it may be necessary to get your student loans with the co-signer. In fact, “more than 90% of private student loans for students… need a solvent co-signer,” says Mark Kantrowitz of Cappex.com. There are several requirements for the co-signer of the student loan.

You won`t be able to see if you qualify and what rate you`ll get without a rigorous credit check. If you don`t have access to a co-signer — or if you`re still not eligible for such a signer — consider lenders that don`t need co-signers or that specialize in poor or no student loans. This can happen automatically and without notice and effectively ruin your balance. Remember that this is a binding contract. If you fail to make your payments or default, you run the risk of not only ruining your balance and that of your co-signer, but also destroying your relationship. In addition to having a good credit history, lenders will also look at the stability of your co-signer. This includes your professional background as well as the time your co-signer lived at home. Typical credit score of approved borrowers or co-signers: 749. Credit score tracking: Free quarterly FICO credit scores.

Customized interest rate estimates with no impact on solvency. After the 2008 financial and credit crisis, it became more difficult to qualify for unsecured consumer loans. In the case of private student loans, most borrowers need a co-signer who has a favorable credit history and a reliable source of income. Your co-signer must have a low debt-to-equity ratio (DTI) and a history of on-time payments. We consider 40 characteristics and data points for each financial institution. Depending on the category, these include bi-weekly payment availability via Autopay, minimum credit score and income requirement disclosures, availability for borrowers in all states, extended repayment periods, and internal customer service. It`s not mandatory, but it can give your co-signer some peace of mind. Finally, don`t forget to thank your co-signer for helping you. This is a serious commitment that should not be taken lightly. What for? Some lenders include a clause in your student loan agreement that allows them to require that your loan be repaid in full after the death of your co-signer. Or worse, the lender could default on your loan even if you made all your payments on time.

Compare Sallie Mae`s interest rates with other private student lenders. Your actual interest rate depends on factors, including your credit history and your or your co-signer`s financial situation. To see what price Sallie Mae offers, apply on her website. You may think that your parents are the only ones who can co-sign a loan for you, but that`s not the case. Other family members, including siblings and cousins, as well as a friend or spouse, may act as a co-signer. Basically, anyone with a good credit history and a willingness to help you could act as a co-signer. Citizenship: Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident or a non-U.S. citizen with a solvent cosigner who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. It may be a good idea to draft a contract before asking someone to act as a co-signer. You can provide specific details about how you plan to repay the debt, such as setting up automatic payments, as well as a clause stating that you will repay any missed payments and/or covered fees during the term of the loan.

Student loan co-signers typically need a good credit score, a stable income, to be in good health, and are willing to help you if you can`t keep up with your loan payments. If you fail to make payments, your co-signer must cover not only the overdue amount, but also all interest and other costs that have been charged. You shouldn`t turn to private student loans with a co-signer until you`ve exhausted all other possible sources of funding, such as student loans and federal grants. If you need to get a personal student loan, you need to know who can co-sign a student loan and know the requirements of the student loan co-signer before you ask someone to establish themselves as a co-signer. Flexible credit check to qualify and see what rate you get: No. There are often minimum credit requirements for student loans. Lenders are more likely to approve your loan if your co-signer`s credit score is 720 or higher. If your co-signer has a credit score between 680 and 720, he or she may still be able to help you get a loan, but the interest rate will likely be higher. A good student loan co-signer can not only help you get a student loan, but also get a lower interest rate.

However, it`s important to understand the risks a cosigner takes when agreeing to help you get a loan. He or she will also be responsible for paying off the debt, even if you don`t finish college.