A small claims case is a lawsuit brought in district court to resolve a minor dispute between the parties where the dollar amount is $8,000 or less, excluding costs, interest and attorneys` fees. Since the Small Claims Court is considered a “people`s court,” it is not necessary to have a lawyer to file a lawsuit. Small claims submission forms are available from the county civil department at the clerk`s office and here on our website. Lawyers are not excluded from this court, but they are not required. The Miami-Dade Bureau of Consumer Protection hosts free Small Claims Court clinics to educate consumers about the pros and cons of filing a complaint. The nearest free clinic is February 6 at 12:00 pm at the South Dade Government Center, 10710 SW 211 St., Room 104. There is also a clinic scheduled for June 4 at 12:00 p.m. in the Overtown Transit Village, 701 NW 1st Court in the second floor training room. Appeals against district court orders or judgments with a value in dispute greater than $15,000 will be heard by the district courts of appeal until January 1, 2023, if the provision is set aside. With respect to Small Claims Court, things have become even bigger: Small Claims Court used to admit cases with up to $5,000 in damages, and now cases up to $8,000 are allowed. A small claims case is a lawsuit filed in district court to resolve a minor dispute where the dollar amount is $8,000 or less. The case is filed in the county where the incident occurred. If the case is filed in the wrong district, the defendant may ask the court to change the location to the correct district.

The jurisdictional changes also require claimants to attach a civilian cover page detailing the dollar amount in dispute in cases over $8,000. You can BrevardODR@flcourts18.org send your questions by email. The forms required for a minor case may vary from county to county. For more information on ODR, see flcourts18.org/court-programs/odr/ For the most detailed information on the forms required in your county, please contact your local local mutual aid or small claims office. Other jurisdictional thresholds also increase the amount. District court jurisdiction thresholds were increased to $30,000 and $50,000 on January 1, 2023. Forms approved for nationwide use can be found in the Florida Small Claims Court Procedure Rules. The court clerk may also be able to provide you with copies of the appropriate forms.

You may be able to settle your case at will and avoid going to court. The court cannot recover monetary damages for you. You may want to contact a lawyer for advice on how to get a decision. The new law maintains current rules limiting the provision of subsidized judicial mediation services to cases brought before district courts with a value in dispute not exceeding $15,000. The change took nearly three decades. Bryant Acevedo of the Miami-Dade Bureau of Consumer Protection celebrated the new rule. Below is a list of additional resources that may be helpful in cases of self-help. Filing information must be obtained from the court office at 321-637-5413.

Watch this 90-second VIDEO that provides an overview of the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) process. The application form is available at the Clerk`s office or on this website. If the form is signed outside of our office, it must be notarized. It can also be signed in the presence of a Deputy Clerk here in the Clerk`s office. This option is currently available for small claims cases in Brevard County. Layron Livingston moved from Miami Valley, Ohio to Miami, Florida to join the Local 10 News team. This amount does not include filing fees, interest and attorneys` fees. “It`s a streamlined process. They don`t need the help of a lawyer, so it`s easier for them for the people who take care of it themselves,” Acevedo said. “I think it`s going to help people,” Acevedo said, adding: “The rules, the procedure, the forms; Everything remained the same.

The only difference is that you can submit up to $8,000. For more information, visit the Florida Courts website.