Whether you are interested in constitutional law or criminal law, Yale Law School offers students a diverse and robust academic experience that allows them to determine their own course. With nearly 200 courses taught by world-renowned faculty and a thriving network of legal clinics and intellectual centers, Yale Law School offers rich and challenging opportunities to gain the skills needed to make an impact around the world. Discover all that Yale Law School has to offer by browsing our areas of interest, degree programs, list of clinics, and engaging collection of student and alumni profiles. Course description and full course details: courses.law.yale.edu. Learn more about the courses offered below or see the full list of international law courses on the International Law Courses page. Law and Policy in Outer Space Governance (20065) 2 units. G. Hasin Technology in the Practice of Law (20325) 1 unit, credit/default. F. Cadmus Advanced Appellate Litigation Project (30200) 3 units, noted. T. Dooley and D.R. Roth.

Accommodation Clinic: Field Work (30116) 2 units, graduated (field), for a total of 4 units. A.S. Lemar, J. Gentes, D. Pruslow and R. Maldonado. Empirical Research for Lawyers (20647) 3 units. T.

Tyler and T.C. Vardsveen YLS GLC, in partnership with the American Society of International Law, is funding an innovative initiative to bring together lawyers from across the U.S. government working on national security law issues with relevant external experts to regularly discuss the most difficult and pressing legal issues facing the U.S. government. Advanced Environmental Protection Clinic (30165) 1 to 4 units. D. Kysar, D. Hawkins, J. Skene, L. Suatoni and S.

Whillans. Advanced Media Freedom and Information Access Clinic (30176) 1 to 4 credit/fail or graded by student option. D. Schulz, J.M. Balkin, S. Baron, J.A. Borg, D.C. Dinielli, R. Davidson, K.

Eberly and S. Stich [the] Burden of Evidence: Appreciating and Understanding Evidence in a Seem Post-Truth World (21037) 2 units. V.A. Bolden. Advanced written plea (30218) 3 units. N. Messing Comparative Constitutional Law (21248) 4 units. B. Ackerman Democracy and Executive Power: Policymaking Accountability in Comparative Perspective (21137) 2 or 3 units. S.

Rose-Ackerman. Slavery, its heritage and the built environment (20483) 3 units. P. Bernstein and L.C. de Baca. Energy Law and Policy (20297) 2 or 3 units. E.D. Elliott examines how law and policy affect individual and public health, the health care industry, and health policy. Health Justice Internship (30186) 1 to 3 units. One.

Kapczynski, G. Gonsalves, A. Miller, B. Moller and D. Newton Advanced Legal Writing (20032) 2 or 3 units. R.D. Harrison. On the Inside: Narratives from Prison (21262) 2 credits, credit/failure.

J. Driver Criminal Justice Advocacy Clinic: Field Research (30149) 2 units. F.M. Doherty and M. Gohara Property, Natural Resources, Environmental Law and Land Use: Supervised Research (20202) 2-4 units, scored or credited/fail, with choices to be made in the first two weeks of the semester. C.M. Rose Normative, Legal and Empirical Analyses of Discrimination (21789) 2 units. I. Kohler-Hausmann and L. Hu Community and Economic Development: Field Research (30131) 2 units. A.S.

Lemar, A.S.W. Cowing and C.F. Muckenfuss III [The] State and Local Budgets Act (20292) 2 or 3 units. D.N. Schleicher and R. Ravitch Access to Law School: Seminar (20615) and Fieldwork (20617) 2 units for each component, graded or credited/failed at the student option. J. Forman, Jr.

and K. Vinson Antitrust and Democracy (21159) 2 units. Z. Teaching. [The] Anti-Tax Movement and the Transformation of US Politics and Policy (20049) 2 units (3 credits with permission of the teacher). M.J. Graetz Entrepreneurship and Innovation Clinic: Seminar (30234) and Field (30236) 2 units for each section (4 units, total), graded. S. Riethmüller Our law education programme provides current students and postgraduate fellows with training and information about careers in academia.

Veterans Benefits Act (20596) 2 or 3 units. R.N. Davis` legal history offers indispensable insight into the nature of our legal systems. Criminal proceedings: Award (21217) 3 units. P. Shechtman. Advanced Climate, Animals, Food, and Environment Law and Policy Lab (30242) 1 to 4 units. D.

Kysar, J. Lovvorn, D. Bray and V. Morris Administrative Law and Bureaucracy: Supervised Research (20684) 1 or 2 units. N. Parrillo. Narrative in Law and Literature (21537) 2 or 3 units. P. Brooks and R.C. Post Local Government Law (21175) 4 units. D.

N. Schleicher Gender discrimination in education (21463) 2 credits. A.Z. Brodsky Foundations of American Legal Thought (21414) 3 units. S. Moyn [The] Robber Barons Reconsidered (20630) 3 units. G.L. Priest Introduction to International and Transnational Law (21454) 4 units. H.H. Koh Freedom, Action, Forgiveness (21676) 2 or 3 units. P.W.

Kahn. Comparative criminal law: fair trials: seminar (21258) 2 EU. R.C.M. Coffey Advanced Federal Indian Law: Contemporary Issues (20655) 3 units. S. Pevar. American Indian Sovereignty Project: Directed Research (20247) 2-4 units. Mr. Bell.

Accountability and Institutional Design (20438) 2 or 3 units. J.L. Mashaw Law School offers a strong corporate and commercial law program, as well as Yale Law School joint academic and doctoral calendars and other resources. [The] Law firm activities (20199) 3 units. J.D. Morley and D. Zornow. Rechtstheoretisches Kolloquium (20563) 0.5 units. A. Kapczynski, I.

Kohler-Hausmann, S. Moyn and T. Zhang Antitrust: Directed Research (20175) Units to be arrangementd. G. L. Priest. Sexuality, Gender, Health and Human Rights (20568) 2 units. A.M. Miller. [The] Lawyer as chief (21664) 3 or 4 units. H.H.

Koh and B. Heineman Medical Legal Partnerships (20097) 3 units; Additional unit with permission of instructor. A.R. Gluck, J. Bhandary-Alexander and K. Kraschel. Estate Planning: Estate, Gifts and Generational Taxes and Related Tax Issues (21469) 3 units. J. Soojian. Government Leadership (20838) 2 units. S. Cats.

Coping with the U.S. Constitutional Crisis (21390) 2 units or more. The B. Ackerman Information Society Project (ISP) is an intellectual center that addresses the impact of the Internet and new technologies. Advanced Lowenstein International Human Rights Clinic (30174) 1 to 4 units, depending on project effort. J.J. Silk, H.R. Metcalf and K. Beckerle Advanced Free Exercise Clinic (30153) 1 or 2 units.

K. Stith, M. Helfand and N. Reaves Originalism and the Living Constitution (20124) 2 units. A.R. Amar and S.G. Calabresi Advanced Housing Clinic: Field Research (30151) 1 to 3 units. A.S. Lemar, J. Gentes, R. Maldonado, D. Pruslow and R.

Tenenbaum. Seminar on Constitutional Litigation (20259) 2 units. G. Calabresi and J.M. Walker, Jr. Introduction to Legal Research Methods and Sources (21486) 1 unit, credit/failure. N. Mignanelli Capitalism Film Society (21597) 2 units, credit/failure.

G.L. Priest Law in Western History (21285) 4 units. J.Q. Whitman Corporate Crisis Management (30215) 2 units. H. Coleman, M. Trevino, and M. Wiseman Capital Punishment: Race, Poverty, and Disadvantage (21426) 4 units, scored, with credit/fail option.

S.B. Bright Partnership Taxation (21582) 3 units. N. Cunningham. This course, first taught in 2015-2016, explores current legal issues related to covert actions and open use of military force by the United States since September 11, 2001. The course is taught by Professor Oona Hathaway with Stephen Preston, who has served as Defense Department`s General Counsel for the past six years and before that as CIA General Counsel. The course examines national security law from the perspective of a government lawyer who must make difficult decisions about how to advise clients as they seek to counter real threats to the United States.