Little bit for yourself and everything for others

Vitaran’ is our sincere effort to keep humanity alive in our society with an aim to bring smiles and happiness to the lives of the deprived. Bridging the gap between help you can provide and the help someone might desperately need. 

Under this campaign we organize regular donation drives, providing essential needs such as food, medicines, stationery, and other household goods to underprivileged people.

The Problem

Not Everyone wishes to fill the empty hands

To be able to help and give away to society is a blissful experience that cannot be described in words. One needs to be a part of such activities to be able to realize how possessions that seem trivial to them can bring life-changing smiles on someone else’s face, who might genuinely need them. 

The most special thing about this program is that it is not only beneficial for the receiver of such help but also affects the giver's mental health positively, improving their self-actualization and growth and letting them play a part in creating social harmony and integration.


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Outcomes of our Extraordinary Efforts

It was so painful to witness their sufferings during our journey of being a helping hand for the past few years. Our volunteers have been distributing food items and essentials such as blankets during harsh winters for the needy. Our distribution program touched its peak during the pandemic when our dedicated volunteers, at the cost of their own health risks worked every day to provide necessary items for the survival of daily wage laborers affected.