To love means to give unconditionally,
All else is business.

Our program ‘Dulaar’ is a true synonym of love and care. Through Dulaar we aim to address deep-rooted problems faced by economically backward sections of our country such as – child wasting, child stunting, undernourishment, and child mortality. We believe that basic physiological needs such as food, shelter, and healthcare are necessary for every child at any cost. 

Under this program, our team of dedicated volunteers provides regular nutritious meals and medical support to the children. We have conducted numerous feeding drives at different locations in the Delhi NCR, and we aim to scale up the support chain to the entire country in the coming years. 

Our Joy Is In Their Sparkling Eyes

Our efforts under ‘dulaar’ aim towards the overall development of our society’s future. We acknowledge that along with basic survival, the need for social integration and dignity is a necessity for every individual, no matter how rich or poor they are. 

Spreading joy

Distributing the most valuable asset needed for life – happiness. We celebrate all major festivals with our students and their families. We also circulate gifts, sweets, toys, new clothes etc., and show various fun, interactive, and educational movies all around the year through our campaigns.

Healthy Life

We teach healthy living practices such as yoga, sports, and meditation to our students as well as provide all necessary access to good healthcare and nutritious food by conducting regular medical checkups, health awareness programs, and feeding drives.

Helping hand

Focused on providing necessary items needed at homes that can be a little expensive for underprivileged people to afford, such as enough clothes, winter wears, blankets, sanitary pads, emergency lights, etc.

Nurturing creativity & confidence

This is aimed at organizing various cultural events for our students, where they gain social confidence and self-esteem by engaging in all sorts of creative activities and showcase events such as music, drawing competitions, writing, drama, and dance, etc.


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