If a child cannot come to the education,
then education must go to them.

It is our initiative to educate all our students with not only academics but also with moral values so they may become good human beings. We nurture those talented students who are underprivileged and could not possibly afford a better education. Team Abhivadan proudly helps such kids.


We saw them drifting away from education they always deserved.

It is so painful to witness that their parents compromise with their education due to a shortage of their basic necessities. We believe that they are fertile seeds waiting to sprout if they are well nurtured so they may live their life in full bloom.


Children in India have no access to education.


of these children live in rural areas.


Girls of age group of 5 to 9 years are illiterate.

Our Solution

Give Children What They Need

We give these children best level of education they deserve along with all necessary
tools required so their educational journey is never stopped.

School like Experience

Focused on overall education and development of every student, introducing them to healthy competition, constructive feedbacks, regular monitoring, and spiritual and cultural diversity.

Educational Supplies

Essential education supplies such as books, stationary, computer lab, music room etc. are all provided by us so that every student has equal opportunity to grow.

Digital Education

Preparing our students for the digitalized world – computer training, online education and e-learning with interactive videos and animation to understand each concept in a fun manner.

Interpersonal skills

Focused at teaching communication skills, group interaction, and public speaking as well as social moral rules such as respect, discipline, honorability and righteousness.

What we teach

आचार. विचार. शिस्टाचार

आचार (Aachar)

We teach children how to interact ethically and confidently with everyone, this leads to their multi-faceted development.

विचार (Vichaar)

We teach our children HOW TO THINK, NOT WHAT TO THINK.
This increases their comprehension skills.

शिस्टाचार (Shistaachar)

Discipline creates good habits and education without discipline is always incomplete.


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