Women are the true architect of society

As child-bearer and primary childrearers they are the major influence on the nature and nurture of every individual born. Investment and focus on their well-being are critical to bringing about any meaningful change in a community. Providing adult female literacy, educating a girl child, imparting them vocational and life skills, making them and women aware about their health, rights and responsibilities is the impact we truly need for the upliftment of our society. As a trust committed to education, women’s education & empowerment is an essential core of our vision and we constantly engage in activities to achieve this objective.

The Problem

lack of education, hygiene & social support

According to the annual National Crime Record Bureau’s “Crime in India” 2019 report – crimes against women increased 7.3 percent from 2018 to 2019)  

As per the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights 2019 report, almost 40% of girls aging between 15-18 years dropped school, out of which more than half of them took up household duties.

Apart from numbers following a similar pattern no matter where you look, social obstacles and maleficent practices against women such as dowry, female infanticide, and gender discrimination paint a very sad reality.

our solution

Creating a safe space around them

We try our best to write a better story for tomorrow’s Indian Women for which we branch out our efforts and activities towards three directions:

Girl Education

Everything has to do with education: if you educate girls, you educate the family, community, and society.

Empowering Women

Teaching women vocational skills that increase their participation in the society and boosts their confidence by making them financially independent.

Women Safety

We educate women about self-defense and their legal rights to function securely in society. We also educate all our students to learn how to treat women with respect.

What we teach

We teach our children to respect women and their boundaries.


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